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Who we are

lovedelles-logo.jpgLove d’elles is first of all the passion to create, dream, realize…, for me, you, us all girls, women, mothers, sisters, friends.

Love d’elles is a little from me to you "MADE IN BELGIUM".

The collection was designed to meet the desires of a free, daring woman who loves fashion and responds to it;

Confronted each year with the same observations before the holidays, women look for all that will give them confidence on the beach, on holiday, in their leisure.

With this range, Love d’elles wants to share its vision of the bikini, not as a holiday accessory, but rather as an outfit in which one feels unique, magnificent, oneself!

Each set has been realized with great care, every detail evaluated, rectified and re-adjusted, this collection is a first so it does not count many models, we prefer exclusivity to quantity. As each of us is unique, Miss Love d’elles has inserted in each of its model a little freedom, a little charm, a little seduction.

Through its 2017 swimwear collection, Love d’elles hopes to take part of your sunny trip in the four corners of the world!